Vasilis Chonianakis
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My name is Vasilis Chonianakis. I'm a software developer and this website is about my personal projects. I hope you find something interesting here!


Spaceship Defense

A survival boardgame like game inspired by boardgames like Pandemic and Darkest Night.

Platform: Windows, Linux, Android


You can download the game from here.

Hunted! (Halloween 2016 Jam)

Hunted! is a dice based survival game where you have to survive long enough to reach safety while hunted by giant ants.

The game was made for the Halloween Jam 2016 and the gameplay (the dice part) was inspired by the d6 Shooters dice game.

Platform: Windows, Android, Web - HTML5


You can download the game from here or play the web version (the web version has only be tested on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox 52+ and Microsft Edge).

IMPORTANT! Read the instructions from the download page on how to play the dice part. I will include the same info inside the game in a following game update so it's more easily accessed.

Escape from the Mansion

A short point-and-click adventure game taking place inside an old mansion.

Platform: Windows


You can download the game from here.